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I Planted a Seed I Will Save My Land Maharani The Cow
I Planted a SeedI Will Save My LandMaharani The Cow

Age: 6+

Author: Avanti Mehta

A boy finds a little seed and plants it. What will grow out of it, he wonders — a tree, a butterfly, a mountain?

Age: 6+

Author: Rinchin 

The little girl’s anxiety about losing her land to “a monster machine” cuts close to the heart. 

Age: 3+

Author : Christy Shoba Sudhir 

2018: The Hindu Young World-Goodbooks Award - Best Picture Book - Illustrations




The Birdie Post Pooni at the Taj Mahal
The Birdie PostPooni at the Taj Mahal

Age: 2+

Author: Sushmaa Roshan

Follow the feathers for a chirpy new take on ‘tweeting’! 

Age: 2+

Author : Manjula Padmanabhan 

Manjula Padmanabhan takes us on another Pooni chase, the drama this time set against the magnificent backdrop of the Taj Mahal. 



1 - 5 of 5 items